viernes, 6 de julio de 2012

My Family

My dad and me

My family is a traditional family. My parents are married. My mom is a stay at home mom and my dad is a working father. I have 2 brothers and one sister. My sister and older brother are married. One of my brothers doesn't live with us. My older brother has a child and works in PDVSA.

My brother and godson
My mom and sister

Stative exercise


This news caught my attention

On Thursday there was an armored car robbery at the mall Clean Plaza, located on the west of "La curva de molina, Maracaibo". At least 5 subjects carrying rifles allegedly submitted to the trustees of the company Armored Zulia West inside the mall, Globovision reported.

The site led to a shootout between the antisocial and custodians. Two people were killed, one of them a man who was pulling money out from an ATM.The man was identified as Gustavo Gonzalez, who left two children orphaned. The other victim was one of the custodians of armored Jhonny Chacin.

The stolen money is for the remittance of foreign bank located in that mall.

The antisocial escaped, however, the authorities are conducting rigorous research to capture them.

It's likely there have to look for more test.
I bet that the thieves even care about the people they hurt.
It´s unlikely that the thieves return what the has took.
There´s a good chance that they have been planning this for long time.

viernes, 29 de junio de 2012

Modern Trends and fashions

Unit 4

More PowerPoint presentations from doris molero

Do not ask, Get it on your own, Do it and you will succeed...!!

My classmate and their blogs!



C511 May-Jul 2012

Luis Armijo
Guillermo Briceño
Carla Fereira
Karla Perozo
Jorge Chacon
Geltsing Martinez
Augusto Reyes
Iran Uzcategui
Mario Uzcategui
Geltsing Martinez 
Berlis Rincon
Ana Espinoza
Aliana Zambrano
Betzabeth Maldonado
Ana Espinoza
Erliana Di Leone
Maria Chacin

Do not ask, Get it on your own, Do it and you will succeed..!!

viernes, 8 de junio de 2012

Lemon pie

The lemon pie is most delicious, is sweet, buttery, and also contains lemons

                            the reason why I like because is bitter.!:!

                            Don't ask, get it on you own, do it and you will succeed.

My favorite food

My favorite food is chili with meator more commonly known as simply "chili" is a spicy stew containing chili peppers and meat. Traditional versions are made using chili peppers, garlics, onions, and cumins, along with chopped or ground beef. Beans and tomatoes are frequently included.

The American recipe consisted of dried meat, butter, dried chile (chile piquin usually) and salt, which were mixed and allowed to dry into bricks, and may then be boiled in pots on the train tracks. There are many variations depending on preparation region is a typical but mostly with tomatoes, onions, beans, etc.. Varieties There are also vegetarian chili - known as the chili without meat - sometimes including meat substitutes .. The chili con carne is the official state dish of Texas in the USA. Anyway it is sure no dish in the world with over disputes about its invention, history, ingredients, content, variants

Don't ask, get it on you own, do it and you will succeed.